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11 Jun. 2018
Mohammed Yosuf, 20, and his wife Sobora Khatun, 25,... more
11 Jun. 2018
Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh
Mohammed Yosuf, 20, and his wife Sobora Khatun, 25, pose for a photograph with their baby Rukia in Shamlapur refugee camp in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh, March 22, 2018. Mohammed Yosuf: "I go to the beach for fishing otherwise I don't do anything... There is only fishing here. If we catch lots of fish and the owner (of the boat) sells them at the market, the owner takes half of the money and the other half is distributed to the Rohingya fishermen," Yosuf said and added: "Sometimes I don't get paid and sometimes it's 200 or 300 Taka or I get paid with fish. The owner of the boat is Bangladeshi." Sobora Khatun: "We were combined by shackles for two months without having any food or water. They also did not let us drink water from the fountain. By the grace of almighty we got rain from the sky and we drank the rainwater, nothing else for two months. When they started burning the whole village we got a chance to flee. Lots of children were burned in this attack. We escaped to Bangladesh," Khatun said. "After shackling us, our homes and village were totally burned by the Myanmar people and Myanmar army. I was nine months pregnant when I escaped from Myanmar and I gave birth in Bangladesh to Rukia. My three-year-old son was killed in the crossing. He was drowned in the river." REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne SEARCH "KILCOYNE FISHING" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES.
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